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A Good Idea at the Time

Holland House, Nashville, originally uploaded by marlaink.

But the reason for my headache today.

“The Rose Marie,” at the Holland House, Nashville.


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From Shopping Trek to “Tourist Foot”

This is not a post about socks.


So while one of the prompts from Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop this week was to write a funny story involving socks, this is more like a tragicomic story that could have been avoided if only socks had been involved.

I used to manage the marketing department for a small company, and as part of my responsibilities, I was in charge of handling our tradeshow participation. One year, the big industry event was held in Las Vegas. That’s where this story begins.

Now I’m not much of a gambler, and Vegas in June doesn’t hold a lot of appeal for me, so the best I could do was make sure I assigned plenty of my friends on the sales team to work the show with me. And first on the list was my good friend, Susan.

I recruited Susan to come with me a day early to help with pre-show preparations. Susan and I are not the type to dilly-dally. If you’re one of those people who walks slowly down the office corridors or casually ambles through the mall, we’re the ones who are whooshing by you in a blur. We want to get it done and move on.

With the two of us in charge of pre-show prep on that already-hot Saturday morning in Vegas, you can bet that everything was completed in record time.

That meant the rest of the day was ours.


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