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Only in Downtown Nashville

nashville music city


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all you need is love, but some talent would be helpful

“You play the guitar!”

On his first visit to my house, my boyfriend (now husband), Michael, immediately locked his eyes on the black case propped up in the corner of the guest bedroom.

“You play the guitar!” He actually seemed to be glowing, he was so thrilled with this discovery.

GuitarMichael had attended the Atlanta Institute of Music. He had five guitars (“Seven, if you count the ones still at my parents’ house”) of various pedigrees, genres and styles. He had spent a year of his life practicing guitar eight hours a day while collecting unemployment and pissing off his at-the-time girlfriend. They were that couple who had conversations like:

Her: “You care about that guitar more than you care about me.”

Him: [Doesn’t hear her because he’s too busy concentrating on his chord progressions.]

So it’s no surprise his gaze would instantly fall on the guitar case in my house. Apparently, though, he didn’t notice the two-inch layer of dust covering the case. Or the fact that it was wedged behind piles of books and files and cat hair tumbleweeds.

“I uh…well, I own a guitar. ‘Play’ might be a bit of a stretch.”

On his second visit to my house, Michael proudly presented me with a laminated chord chart. All I needed to do, he assured me, was practice a few chords every day. I’d be playing in no time.

Oh, Michael. Poor, well-meaning, misguided Michael.


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