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Don’t Mind Me



You go ahead and make up the bed. You’re not bothering me at all.


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And then I panicked

Lou the cat was 6 years old when she was diagnosed with kidney failure.

She’d always been a healthy cat, “full-figured” with a good appetite and lots of energy, so the news that kidney stones had put her into chronic renal failure was a shock. And, as if it wasn’t enough to find out she had a chronic, incurable condition and that I’d have to start giving her subcutaneous fluids and special prescription food, I capped off the day with a car accident on the way home from the vet.

Good times.

Lou the Cat

If only things could have stayed that simple.

About six months later, one of the stones lodged in her ureter, blocking her right kidney. After a terrifying evening of pitied looks from technicians and quiet but urgent advice from her vet, I managed to get her admitted at midnight to the specialty vet about 30 minutes from my house.

She spent 3 days there. Every day after work, I’d make the trek through Atlanta rush hour traffic (this was back when traffic was really only bad at rush hour in Atlanta, as opposed to now, when it’s bad 24 hours a day) to see her during “visting hours.”

She would always gaze first to me with a bit of a crazed look in her eyes and then to the doorknob, as if to say, “I know that’s the way out! Get me out of here!”

By some miracle she stabilized, and her one remaining good kidney took over for the now-shriveled-up and useless right kidney. I got used to giving her fluids and she got used to getting lots of treats afterwards.

But, as anyone who’s ever had a headache and typed the letters into their browser knows, the Internet has made it way too easy to research health conditions – and scare yourself half to death.


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This Dog’s Life

My busy morning, by Gibson

Wake up. B-i-i-i-i-i-g stretch.

Wag tail like crazy.

Shake vigorously. Enjoy the loud clanking of tag against collar.

Run down the stairs and bark at back door.

Outside! Smell interesting spot in the grass.

Run around the yard.

Return to interesting spot; smell harder.

Tiptoe, smell, tiptoe, smell, and…


Run around the yard.

Totally starving. Come back in for breakfast.

Bark out the front window for 10 minutes.

Run back upstairs.

Look out the upstairs window. Sigh loudly.

Crawl back in bed.

Gibson's cozy in bed.

Settle in while bed is made up on top of me.

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Cats and Dogs of a Feather

Michael can sleep through anything. Not me.

So when a tiny muffled meow came from somewhere in the house one night, I was UP.

Lou the Cat

Lou the cat is not a big meower. She’s more of a snacker, relaxer and hider. But she does like to go “on patrol,” as we call it, in the middle of the night. As soon as the lights are all turned out and things are quiet, we’ll hear the little click-click-click of her claws on the hardwood floors, climbing the stairs, finding out what she may have missed during the day.

But meowing? Never.

So even though it was 3 am, I was instantly up, trying to clear out the sleep in my head and figure out what was going on. I went to her usual hangouts – the guest bedroom, the upstairs den – no sign of Lou, but I could still hear the constant meowing. By this point, even Michael was awake and beginning to become alarmed.


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