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Take the Leap: Your Inspiration Is Waiting (But it Won’t Wait Forever!)

take the leap

This past spring, I had the unbelievable good fortune to be asked to interview 10 pioneering training industry leaders—dubbed the “legends” in the industry at the ISA-The Association of Learning Providers Annual Business Retreat—about their careers, motivations and staying power.

The interviews formed the basis for an article in this summer’s issue of Training Magazine. From Don Schrello, literally a rocket scientist, telling me how he “fell into” a new career in training after working on the Apollo program to Ken Blanchard’s tales of his winding road of ups and downs on the way to becoming one of the preeminent minds in leadership, the stories were, yes, the stuff of legend, but also in a way, completely relatable, even humble.

Pat McLagan may have been Board Chair of the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation, but she wanted to tell me about a teenage job she had peeling potatoes. Gradually over the course of our conversation, the picture of how she got from potato-peeler to one of the most distinguished and honored women in her field became clear.



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